Sunday, 29 October 2017

Win Win W432 Lottery Result 30.10.2017

Win Win W432 Lottery Result 30.10.2017: Lottery department of Kerala announced the official winning draw for Win Win Lottery Result. The 4th Week of October Sounds like Someone is really getting a support hand from Kerala State Lottery Updates.WV 543495 from Alapuzha made a supportive from Previous Win Win W431 draw. As the Monday lottery has been awarding 65 Lakhs of Winning Money for Each weekly draw. In this Week and Sounds like 5th Week of October made another Luck for the Win Win Lucky draw and made it from Sree Chitra Auditorium Trivandrum.

The 30 INR Win Win Bagyakuri making every Monday Impact to an individual with 65 Lakhs winning as well as Other Consolation Prizes for making Win Win a better Legal Gambling by Kerala State Government. Have you checked the Results for the Win WIN W432 Luck draw. If not follow the below updation for making Win Win a lucky choice under Kerala State Lotteries.


The Live Streaming Results updates on Win Win W432 Lottery ticket for the Series draw dated on 30.10.2017 will be highlighted here.Please come after sometime.


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