Sunday, 2 December 2018

Win Win W489 Kerala Lottery Result 3.12.2018 Live Today

Win Win W489: The lottery result for the 489th chronological lottery draw has been announced by WIn Win Kerala state lotteries. There were lakhs of lotteries of W489 series can be printed in terms of Monday's lottery draw. The official winning updates handle in the format for the Win-Win lottery W489 of 4 and 6 digits. However, the streaming results followed the pattern of WA to WX and around 12 pattern followed in each 6 digit subseries. Let us discuss more into the details forwarded public by the state lotteries of Kerala for the 3rd November 2018 draw here below.

Win Win W489 Kerala Lottery Result 3.12.2018 Live Today

The action of releasing the official win-win lottery result for the W489 series tickets handled and made public attention. In fact, during the update, the Kerala lottery result draw, Sree Chitra center as the center for announcing the results as mentioned in the tickets of Kerala lottery W489. Let us follow the procedure and stipulations followed in the lottery draw of Win Win Bagyakuri W489.
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Kerala lottery result for the win-win Bagyakuri W489 results can be check below.

You can now able to download the official Live streaming results of Win Win lottery from us. The prize money as per the stipulations followed by the Kerala lottery W489 can be checked.


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